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Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Oasis Book Test - Clint Barron - Review

What is it?
A book test!  You get a book and a DVD.  It claims to be a book test you can pick up after a few months and get stuck in again.  Let's see how we get on!

Why this instead of similar products?
There are many, many book tests.  I don't see them going up against each other, rather being admitted to my mystery book shelf.  The more the merrier on that shelf and if you are admitted, you join the pile.  It wouldn't look good to always use the same book and be apparently reliant on something that we want to be invisible.

It's easy.  My first thought was that it was going to be too easy, and yes, i could do it after not touching it for 3 months but the spectators would see through it, NOT the case.  Simple method hidden well.  If you perform correctly it will work wonders.  There is even a little extra bit built in to the book, should it not go to plan for a particular section.

You need to know what page they are on, no problem.

Does it work?
Yes - no question there.  Because of the way it was explained, it took longer than it could have, but it's easy and really quite fun!

How adaptable is it?
It's great! you could do this anywhere (that you wouldn't mind carrying it to), stage, walk around etc.  It's really nice.

How is it as a package?
Is it a little rushed?  Could there be more in it?
It's produced by Alakazam and the book looks like a book.  With things like Lulu these days, making anything look like a book is pretty easy.
The DVD is fine, it's pitched as a utility rather than an effect.  There was one fairly VITAL section not explained until near the end of the routine which was a little annoying when trying to commit the effect to memory immediately.  Maybe more thought on this part would be good.

It's quite big.  This makes it look like a real book, but also means it's not going in a jacket pocket like a Flashback would.

Not sure if i'm 100% behind the topic of the book, but i can make it work.  The format is a little strange, there are some 'extra' pages in there, which in some ways draw your attention more to the way the book is created.

Will I use it?
Yes, it's easy, but really good.  You could forget this and pick it up really quickly again.  There is plenty of scope for reveals and working with multiple participants or multiple words.

If I lost everything, would I get it again?
Hmm, probably, if the time was right.  I will use it, but maybe because i already bought it.  It certainly makes it on to my shelf, and into the pile of 'pick-a-books'.  If this is your first book test, i think you will like it.  If you have a few and put it in a pile like me, when the spectator reaches over to choose any book, you might be hoping they pick up something else.

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