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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Richard Osterlind Mind Mysteries Volume 1 - Review

What is it?
A DVD called 'The Act'.  This is filmed in front of the infamous L&L audience and contains some great material.  It has a number of effects and explanations, all of a very high quality.
Nearly every piece of this could be released as a stand alone effect, and in my relatively short time in this field, this has to be some of the best value around.
Why this instead of similar products?
This is very well produced (albeit, a little to 'American' for my own tastes), and the material is incredibly powerful.  Consider the price of this release also, how can you go wrong?

Does it work?
Yes - every part works, every part is a classic!

How adaptable is it?
This is essentially a complete act.  You could perform this as is and you would be on to a winner.  Don't expect the same reactions all the time, but the impact will be just as strong.

How is it as a package?
The only thing wrong with this is one or two members of the audience.  I have NO problem with the audience in general, they don't take away from the effect in the most part and I prefer seeing the effects performed in front of any audience to no audience but there are one or two people that are beyond the limits.  If it weren't for the strength of material, it would be difficult to keep watching...

The thing you get here that is missing in a lot of other releases is that this plays together as an entire show.  This isn't just 5 or 6 things stuck together for fun, this is real material, in an order that makes sense.  Richard is very quick to give credit where it is due also.

Will I use it?
Bank Night: A classic, still relevant, I have used this method and a couple of little touches included here too.  Powerful to an audience.

The Perfected Center Tear: I use this all the time.  There was a $35 center tear released a while back, I didn't get it, i'm happy with this.  I got this DVD for £5.

Radar Deck: I think this has been overtaken by things like Breakthrough Card System and even the Dynamo Deck, they offer more utilities.  As a piece on its own however, you cannot fault this.  I haven't used it, but would not hesitate to do so.  This is powerful.

Watch Routine: There are pieces in this that are invaluable.  Along with the center tear, I use one piece of this a LOT.  Not sure I would use the routine as performed that much but the working behind it is one of the best.  The use of 'the usual' watch in this turns me off a little, still great though.

Thought Scan: I paid £5 for this DVD.  When I compare the quality of this to other things I have purchased, I get upset.  Thought Scan is incredible, though I feel to do it justice, I would like one of Richard's pads, and have not spent the $300 on one yet, and therefore have not performed it.  You don't need a specific pad, it would just make me happy to use the one Richard uses.

Magazine Test: I needed material one night for an unprepared performance.  I grabbed a magazine and I was pretty much ready to go.  This is fantastic for it's simplicity and ease.

Linking Finger Rings: Hmm, very good method, very good effect, not my cup of tea. This would be cut from the act if I were performing it.

If I lost everything, would I get it again?
YES!  This is brilliant.  One of the best.  If the content here was just written down in a book, it would still be brilliant, but I very much like how easy this is to watch.  I think maybe this is where the phrase 'This effect is worth the entire price of the DVD' came from. 

If you had to get one thing and go and perform immediately, I would recommend this.  The issue would be that it might take some further knowledge to really appreciate the subtleties in the effects contained here.

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