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Monday, 13 May 2013

Bachelor Pad - Docc Hilford - eBook Review

What is it? 
I'm not exposing anything by saying this is an imp device, in a post-it pad (it says so on Docc's site!) which you make yourself.  You can't really use it 'real-time' but that's about the only limitation.  Let's see what else this is about.

Why this instead of similar products?
It's small, it doesn't involve a silly looking prop, it's completely casual, it makes sense, can go anywhere, it works really well, it's cheap!

Does it work? 
Yes, it's really good and pretty sensitive like Docc says.  The only bit i don't like is the reset, though you can make a few at once and it's not for use in a 'live' environment so that's fine.

How adaptable is it?
Yes - it's as adaptable as anything that isn't a 'real-time' imp.  It's so inexpensive that you will feel free using it.  This is often a very important point.  How can we treat our £100 imp device like it's the £1 pad it's pretending to be? Create a £1 pad!  I strive to make things invisible, this is perfect for that.

How is it as a package? 
Very nice eBook, a couple of little typing errors but nothing major, the added photos are a nice touch and it has you up and making it while reading it.  It cost me $2.97 or something ridiculous, now it is $7, which is still a great price.

Will I use it?
Yes, I was looking for something to add to the Post-It section of my Pro-folio, this works very, very well.

If I lost everything, would I get it again?
Knowing that it's a post-it pad and an imp device, your first guess at what this is would probably be pretty close to what this is.  The real value in this for me was reading the routine at the end, lots of little touches that make this really valuable, techniques from a pro actually working this in his act so for that reason and the price, yes!

It's nothing that new, to quote Docc's site - 'Right, $7 because it's not a new idea, but a new way to use carbon paper and a Post-It note pad.' - but it is good.

I'm really looking forward to the the Doccinar on this when it comes out, it will make a great package.

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