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Olympic Reviews

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

GT Speedreader Marked Deck - Review

What is it?
I feel like I am breaking rules by saying this, but it's on the packet.  This is a marked deck on Bicycle 809 Mandolin Backs.  In an effort include quick reviews on smaller, utility items not often reviewed, I hope this fits...
Why this instead of similar products?
There are a number of differences between this and other similar decks.  The marks are located in a slightly different place, which is more natural for some moves and workings but might hinder you initially if you are coming to this a seasoned user.

The marks are very clear and you only have to look in one location to source the card information (the same location each time).

The fact that these are on 809s rather than 808s I feel means that the marks are more hidden than they would have been on the 808s.

These cards were apparently hand designed by someone who doesn't want to be associated with the cards, though he did make them.

Does it work?
These are very nice cards.  I don't use Mandolin backs that often but these are easy to use and are easy to read.  The subtle differences in marking style offers some new applications and hasn't hindered any of my usual workings.

I am confident that the marks would remain hidden, and despite their clear identification when you know where to look, i think this would pass many other performers.

How adaptable is it?
Not really applicable - it offers some benefits over other types, though this may be seen as a hinderance to others.

How is it as a package?
It's good, the marks are already applied, so no scrubbing and rubbing transfers!
The cards are high quality and you get a double backed card in the box, the jokers are also marked.

Will I use it?
Yes, i bought it because i wanted to use it.  I am very happy with it and have almost bought some bulk orders, but have restrained.

If I lost everything, would I get it again?
Yes, even if you have other marked decks, this will add enough to warrant being included in the pile.

I like this a lot!

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