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Friday, 10 May 2013

Booked - Steve Valentine Review

What is it? 
A book test - it uses something to mark a page, like a bookmark, business card, playing card - a word is selected (no peeking!) and can be revealed however you would like (or predicted) - the book test appears to be impromptu and can be performed with a book straight off the shelf

You also get a number of very decent routines to get you started, though if you like this you probably have your own ideas where to use it.

Why this instead of similar products? 

ANY book - you can predict the word from any book...

a lot of people give this a hard time for inserting something in the book as a marker, why?
sometimes we have to compromise, this small bit of give here means we can take from ANY book (there are slight limitations but these are covered in the DVD)

This is something you can have with you anywhere, and use a truly borrowed book, with no prep work being done on the book.

One little card inserted into the book means you can use ANY book, i can't imagine why this would be a huge issue.  If you are going to perform this, they shouldn't remember the card, or much about the book, the problem with this wont be in the effect, it will be in what you are doing.  This can be invisible if performed correctly.

 Does it work? 
Absolutely - you can easily have different words selected/predicted anything pretty much!

 How adaptable is it? 
It's very adaptable, you can use almost anything to insert in to the book to mark the page, the only thing you can't really change is that something is used as a marker for the page, not a big deal

 How is it as a package? 
You get a DVD in a simple box, everything else you have to provide - and you don't need refills!  Great as this effect is, it is a little pricey for essentially a one trick DVD (a few routines but all the same thing really), it's quite similar to a number of old routines where you might have got more for your money.  It is however in a very digestible package and i found the DVD to be quite enjoyable.

Will I use it? 
Yes, you can do this anywhere.  If i'm ever working at a library party this will be on the list.  If i don't work in a library i will bring this with me wherever i go - ANY book! With no PEEKS!

If I lost everything, would I get it again? 

Yes - it's great, some people seemed not to like the compromise in the effect.  For me this is not relevant and opens the doors so wide that it is a little price to pay for what can be such an astonishing effect.  If i was buying everything again though, i may stop when i found a similar idea in a book and not actually need to purchase this.

If you do purchase this i doubt you will be disappointed (unless the card thing is a big issue but you have been warned!).

(Just to clarify, the routines I mention that use books with no preparation are the ones without the page being torn out, for me this is just one of the many predictions you can utilise with the main 'effect')
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