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Olympic Reviews

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Balls - Stefan Olschewski - Review

Quick review today, yesterday's was a bit more intense!  I bought this a long time ago, thought i'd share some thoughts.

What is it?
Copied straight from the PDF:

Basically it is a no-budget version of the famous Master Prediction System, that everybody loves but only the pros are able to afford. It has basically the same limitations as all end-of- show predictions that deal with really free choices: You need an off-stage assistant to fill in the appropriate details and then sneak the paper into the box which has been in full view the entire time.

 This is a reasonably large claim!  Why would I spend thousands if this does the job adequately?  Surely there must be some compromise?

Why this instead of similar products?
Price!  As very truthfully stated above, this has all the limitations mentioned above.  I think the 'method' is a little easier than some of the Master Prediction System and similar products but it can't be used for the typical paper roll item.  (This is probably a good thing, I have had enough of those paper rolls in glass tubes!

This is all natural and you could theme the products to fit in with your performance, if you are a victorian style performer for example, great you can make this work for you! (Just make sure your assistant is a calligraphy expert if you want an authentic touch for old style predictions).

You CAN do this one man, and probably do it more easily with this than some others.

Does it work?
Yes, there is some scope for trouble but nothing major.  It will work.  You make it yourself so this is up to you I suppose.

It's called Balls because you need balls to perform it apparently.  I don't buy into this whole 'Bold' idea, or having 'Balls'.  If you are coy about performing mentalism, or find it all a bit much to try to deceive someone, then maybe it's not for you.  It's all part of the fun.  Just do it.  I call it being effective, efficient and fun (entertaining is assumed).  IMO you don't need balls to perform this, it stands alone as a method on it's own merits.

How adaptable is it?
You don't have to use this as a MPS style effect.  You could use this to load other similar items.  Could be a playing card, could even be something the spectator has written (as a one man routine).  This is very adaptable, you have to make it all yourself (just buy some props, not a lot of making!) and you could use it for lots of things.

You are free to limit other things (like the choices) yourself and make this what you want.  You could use this to reveal an out or something.

It suggests having a box with another box inside (the important box), this can be whatever you want.  There are actually very few limitations.

What you reveal pretty much has to fit in an envelope, that's mostly it.  Mostly.

How is it as a package?
A 7 page PDF, with 3 pages of method.  Usually this would be frustrating but it is really all you need for this idea, it fits in with the ideals Stefan outlines at the beginning.  Somehow, nothing is really left out.  Maybe a couple of pictures wouldn't have gone a miss but it's fine.  The fact that it is so short makes you come up with your own ideas.  You buy a 'seed'.

Will I use it?
I don't use an assistant.  If I did, I would be using this a lot.  I will use this (and have a little), for some one man things.

If I lost everything, would I get it again?
For $5, yes.  Some liberating thinking in this, it's a nice read and makes you do some thinking too.  (Not in the way some unfinished routines do, in a positive way)

If you get it and don't like it, you can't really complain.  You know what it is and it costs $5.

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