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Thursday, 16 May 2013

In My Mind DVD - Luca Volpe - Review

What is it?
A DVD of 5 effects by Luca Volpe.  The DVD contains performance footage of each effect (one is a walkthrough really) of Luca demonstrating to a lady on a boat (Luca is also on the boat).

Why this instead of similar products?
I like to watch different performers work.  I often learn more from watching someone do something, learning how they think and applying it to what I know and how it fits me.  This falls into that category for me.  Why this instead of similar products? I don't know, I prefer In My Mind 2 as a release, but we will get to that at a later date i'm sure.

You are buying a piece of Luca's mind here, the reason to get this is to see how he thinks and how it works for him.  His thoughts don't seem cluttered by other methods, and there is no mess around the effects.  They are direct and to the point, and usually very easy.

Does it work?
Difficult to answer this, there aren't any pipe dreams on this.  Everything can be performed as described/demonstrated.

How adaptable is it?
One of the effects in particular would be suited MOSTLY to a one on one environment, you could do it on stage, but it might be risky.  It's clean though.
The other effects lend themselves to a single performance (on stage, a parlour show etc) rather than walk around.  They tend to be close up style effects on this DVD and are quite personal.  Maybe they fall into the strong one-on-one category.

How is it as a package?
The DVD is produced well.  It is on the line between home made and appearing to be produced by someone else.  It is put out by Titanas (who is also on a boat at one point).  There are a couple of sound quality issues but it does not take away from any of the effects or explanations.  It's got a home made feel, but it also seems like Luca is talking to you, which is good.

Will I use it?
The easiest way to explain this is a dreaded effect breakdown:

The Vision
-'This is a close-up version of the Horus Eye in which the spectator becomes a clairvoyant'
No - it works, it's a good method but it's not for me.  If you like the idea of using the Horus Eye symbol etc, it's good.  No issues with the effect, it's not my style.

The Connection
-'A very easy to do drawing duplication with less than $5 props'
Yes - in the right circumstances.  This could be very, very strong.  It is probably one of the cleanest drawing duplications where the participant can draw anything, but be warned, this will not be going into your act without careful consideration.  It is not complicated, it is not difficult, you just need to be careful.

The Experience
-'An intimate journey to your spectator's mind'
Not the way it is presented but nearly - it's good.  The method is fine, i'm just not sure if it has enough impact.

The Hallucination (ACAAN)
-'A very practical any card at any number with a psychological twist'
No - this is a good method and a good effect.  It doesn't really fit my style, though i'm sure many people would buy the DVD for this effect, and i doubt you would be disappointed.  It's quite different to some ACAAN and it feels good working it through.

The Call
-'An astonishing long distance mind reading effect'
This type of effect intrigues me, i would use something similar, maybe this.  I like how this takes the DVD in a slightly different direction.  I think this is more for use with a friend than a potential client but it's entertaining.

If I lost everything, would I get it again?
Probably, but the redeeming features for me are Luca and his way of thinking.  I find it fresh and I ultimately like Luca, which i think helps.  If the routines sound like they would fit you a bit better, then you wont be disappointed.  If like me, however, you aren't sure about the routines, i think you will find something to take from it (it's also not that expensive).

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