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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Dream Prediction Elite - Paul Romhany Review

What is it?
This is Paul Romhany’s close up (or just smaller scale) version of Dream Prediction Lite.  Don’t let the naming convention get you, the Lite version is the stage one, the Elite is close up.

It’s the usual confabulation performance of a dream - you first place an envelope down with a prediction clearly visible in the window section.  The participant selects a destination, an amount of money and a travelling companion.  You write these down in a notepad, which is shown around.  The selling point of this effect is that you open the envelope and the piece of paper seen through the window falls out on to your hand, and the participant opens it and reads it.  I’m really not sure why we don’t have more variations of performance in these, it always seems to be a dream, but this is a good one.

Oh, and you perform this entirely solo, and it’s instant reset.

More discussion below…

Why this instead of similar products?

The clear benefit (no pun intended) is the incorporation of the window section of the envelope - Paul discusses the origins of confabulation and the envelope.  If you haven’t seen these before, you could use it for almost any other similar effect.  A prediction is shown through the window section (usually a different coloured piece of paper) - you can have parts of text shown on this too - which is taken out of the envelope and seen to be correct.  It would not be advisable to hand the envelope out, and you would need to remove the prediction, but really it just looks like it drops on to your hand.

You get a nice package with this (i’ll expand on that below) which again sets it apart.

Does it work?
Yes - the envelope is great, the pad is really nice - great routine.

How adaptable is it?
If you own the Lite version, you could probably work this out (it is slightly different in terms of envelope), if you own the Elite version, you could probably work out the Lite version.  Both have their own merits though, and the ‘workings’ are slightly different.

You could use this for any type of routine, doesn’t have to be confabulation.  You could use the pad for other parts of your show (as long as you don’t mind refilling paper), the envelope can be on display the whole time.  Paul goes over a couple of different performances which are really nice too.

The only parts that aren’t adaptable are that to perform as seen, you would need something to write on (like the notepad) and you would need to handle the envelope - after that it’s up to you!

I do think this works better on stage, but if you want a close up version, this is the one for me.
Some people might have ‘cleaner’ versions, you don’t HAVE to use this envelope, you could just load a wallet for example, but i think it adds to it, and it means I can use the wallet for something else.  If you watch the paper coming out of the envelope - you will want to use this.

From what Paul offers in terms of advice and your own thinking, you will have a very smooth routine.

Left handed section: Like all fantastic and amazing people, I am left handed.  In this instance it doesn’t impact me any more than having to write in the pad.

How is it as a package?
You get a DVD, a small pad of paper, 10 envelopes and the pad seen in the video.

Refills are now available for the envelopes but I haven’t ordered any yet - they do last for a number of performances provided you treat them well.  If you get it wet, you can’t complain that it didn’t last, so take care.  You’ll need to refill the paper pad, but that’s fine and straightforward enough.

The pad is lovely nothing overly fancy about it but it’s nice.  I would recommend finding another use for the pad in your routine as well as this, as it takes up a bit of pocket space.  Everything can be held in the pad itself so that’s the pocket space you need.

The DVD wouldn’t work in my usual player but did work in another, a small point for me really but if you are usually the one who has bad luck watching videos then this could stump you.

Once you get it playing, the DVD just starts straight in to a live performance, which is great, but I would have liked a menu.  From then on though the DVD is really well produced and definite bonus points for showing it in a live environment on multiple occasions.  Paul is very easy to listen to and explains things well.

Paul has some great tips and i’m sure even if you are working a confabulation at the minute, you would pick up one or two little bits to streamline the effect.  I don’t have all of Paul’s releases but you can tell he is working this material, the tips he provides are things that will make you a better performer and have come from hard work on his side.

You’ll need to provide a couple of bits, these are entirely justified things not to be included.  If you are a human, you will be able to get these bits.

There is also a Facebook group for any discussion or issues.

Will I use it?
Yes - I have used it.  For me, relaxed handling of the pad, and being smooth with the envelope makes this work best.

If I lost everything, would I get it again?
Yes - it’s a great routine, for me, it would take a really stand out close up confabulation to take the place of Dream Prediction Elite.  There are some excellent performance tips which are also very helpful for making this routine flow.

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